Compliance Checking

Compliance checking in MonitorPro: Flexible and powerful ability to compare data to defined limits

compliance email alerts

Compliance limits can be layered into importance and type, so users can configure who gets notified of what type of breach.


Limits can change over time to keep track of permit and management plan changes, while always comparing data to the limits that were in force at the time.

compliance level type

Simple user interface for configuration.

Sample Point Type

Compliance limits can be simple numerical limits or one of many more complex options, including comparisons with other locations, conditional, consecutive numbers or based on calculations.

compliance checking

A wide range of reporting options including automation.

compliance breach levels

View breaches of compliance limits spatially using inbuilt mapping tools.

This data is collected from a number of operational and restored Landfill sites and is made up of both field readings and laboratory analysis. Much of it is collected to fulfill Environmental Permit requirements which are regulated by the Environment Agency (EA).

Andrew NashWaste Management Client
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