Powerful Environmental Data Management for Utilities

Today’s energy industry faces numerous challenges, from national and international regulations to the uncertainty of future climate policies

Working with our clients we understand that the large volumes of process and emissions data collected is generally well automated in proprietary systems such as OSISoft PI. What clients often lack is a collective reporting tool that can manage both high volume and periodic data in the same solution. MonitorPro can offer simplification of the process so users can more easily access the data they need for regulatory and internal process reporting.

Essential environmental software tools to take the stress out of managing your data

Compliance checking

Never miss the notification of a breach again. Set up alerts so you know when to take action, allowing you to be proactive about any issues you could face.

Validation of data

Improve environmental data quality by automating data entry into one single solution.

Visualisation and dashboards

Drive your environmental performance with MonitorPro’s easy to use platform.

Highly configurable

MonitorPro is flexible enough to manage a wide range of data in one single solution.


Whatever the frequency or complexity of monitoring, schedule your data collection, receive updates, and check completeness.

Satellite mapping

Rich mapping functionality you don’t need to be an expert to use.

MonitorPro Family

MonitorPro provides a streamlined and flexible approach to data collection, analysis and reporting

Monitor data such as air emissions, cooling water, and process data all on one integrated data management platform. MonitorPro allows for easy integration with other systems. Our powerful calculation engine can be utilised to aggregate and convert data ready for reporting.

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Utilities Case Studies

Case Studies

MonitorPro Implementation at Medway Power Station

Medway Power Station approached EHS Data in 2014 to provide a solution to aid the management of their demanding environmental regulations.
Case Studies

UK Construction and Building Materials Group Use MonitorPro

Discovering the benefits of MonitorPro in a construction organisation.