Powerful Environmental Reporting for the Mining Industry

Trusted by many of the world's largest natural resource companies to simplify their Environmental Data Management

Our specialist knowledge and implementation experience in the mining industry allows us to support our client’s and their demanding range of site and companywide environmental obligations.

Our products have been carefully developed alongside our clients to offer one of the most comprehensive Environmental Data Management Systems on the market.


Essential environmental software tools to take the stress out of managing your data

Our tools enable environmental managers to track high-level performance against key metrics and KPIs while allowing site technicians to manage data collection in the field. All your data is managed via a single solution tailored to meet your monitoring and reporting needs.

Compliance checking

Never miss the notification of a breach again. Set up alerts so you know when to take action, allowing you to be proactive about any issues you could face.

Validation of data

Improve environmental data quality by automating data entry into one single solution.

Visualisation and dashboards

Drive your environmental performance with MonitorPro’s easy to use platform.

Highly configurable

MonitorPro is flexible enough to manage a wide range of data in one single solution.


Whatever the frequency or complexity of monitoring, schedule your data collection, receive updates and check completeness.

Satellite mapping

Rich mapping functionality you don’t need to be an expert to use.

MonitorPro delivers a comprehensive view of your environmental data across all operations. EHS Data have numerous successful implementations of MonitorPro and long term clients in a wide number of countries around the world. We understand that each type of resource and operation has very differing environmental obligations and potential impacts. MonitorPro has been shown to offer time savings, reduction of non-conformance and confidence in data collection, whatever the specifics of the operation. We have implemented at sites from small scale or exploration phase through to multi-site, multi-country corporate implementations.

MonitorPro family

Easy to use, easy to set up, and good support.

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Case Studies

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