Powerful Environmental Data Management for Government & Regulators

Regulators often have the largest burden of all when it comes to environmental monitoring data collection and management

In most countries, environmental regulators are responsible for collecting, processing, storing and reviewing vast amounts of data that is collected and submitted to them by operators. MonitorPro isn’t only an effective tool for operators to help collect and collate environmental monitoring data but is equally effective for regulators. MonitorPro offers time and cost savings through automation and more effective analysis of the data. This means regulators can spend more time reviewing data for compliance and completeness than manually processing and handling the data.

Essential environmental software tools to take the stress out of managing your data

Data can be submitted directly via email in a range of formats. Reports can be automated to review imported data, saving regulators significant time and costs associated with manual compliance checking. Data can be quickly and easily shared around the organisation via reports and dashboards. Data is quickly available for public information requests or for further or in depth analysis.

Compliance checking

Never miss the notification of a breach again. Set up alerts so you know when to take action, allowing you to be proactive about any issues you could face.

Validation of data

Improve environmental data quality by automating data entry into one single solution.

Visualisation and dashboards

Drive your environmental performance with MonitorPro’s easy to use platform.

Highly configurable

MonitorPro is flexible enough to manage a wide range of data in one single solution.


Whatever the frequency or complexity of monitoring, schedule your data collection, receive updates and check completeness.

Satellite mapping

Rich mapping functionality you don’t need to be an expert to use.

MonitorPro Family

Due to the versatility of MonitorPro, a wide variety of data can be managed from a broad range of receiving industries

EHS Data have worked with a number of regulators on national solutions. We also work with regional and county councils in several countries offering systems to enable them to better manage and share a range of environmental data.

The selection function saves me a lot of time when it comes to my statutory reporting on drinking water and environmental compliance.

Adele SwantonWater Services Environmental Officer, Mackay Regional Council

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