Case Study: MonitorPro

An Australian metals company headquartered in Brisbane, operate a Copper and Gold Mine and a Gold-Silver Mine via their Laos-registered business. In 2012, this Australian organisation accounted for more than 7 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product and over 30 percent of total Laos goods export.

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Phu Bia Mining completed construction of the Phu Kham Operation in 2008, and its Ban Houayxai Operation commenced production in 2012. Environmental Monitoring Data from these gold and copper mine sites and numerous exploration sites was being managed through a combination of manual forms and a number of large excel workbooks. These were time-consuming to maintain and made it difficult to audit the integrity of historical data. In November 2012, the parent company issued a Request for Proposal for an Environmental Data Monitoring System, to which EHS Data responded and MonitorPro was chosen as the most appropriate system.

The System

Phu Bia Mining purchased 18 licenses of MonitorPro-5, to access a single database through which all Environmental Monitoring Data for their Laos operations and projects is managed. The database and server components are hosted by Phu Bia Mining at their head office in Vientiane, with the MonitorPro-Desktop software installed on both thick and thin clients for access from the various sites.

This slightly unusual system was appropriate due to the relatively large number of technical staff requiring the advanced functionalities of the installed MonitorPro-Desktop software. Phu Bia Mining is, however, considering the purchase of MonitorPro-Web for use by management in overseeing the data. 

The Implementation

A data transfer was undertaken by EHS Data in late 2013 to migrate existing data from excel workbooks to the MonitorPro database. Shortly following this, a consultant from EHS Data visited Laos and conducted an implementation visit at Phu Bia Mining’s Vientiane office to train 12 users of the software and 2 IT administrators, and produce recommendations for additional works to maximise the benefits of the new system.

A further visit to Vientiane was undertaken in March 2014 to review progress, further train and improve automation. Two key parts of this was liaising with ALS laboratories to ensure data imports automatically from emails, and the production of report templates for routine regulatory reporting. 

The Results

Phu Bia mining are now utilising MonitorPro to manage Environmental Monitoring Data across their operations and projects in Laos. This has improved efficiency and provides a confidence in the integrity of the data. Further works remain ongoing to further maximise these benefits.

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EHS Data is a world leading UK based software company providing Environmental Data Management Solutions to over 1,000 sites in 40 countries worldwide. For over 20 years, our versatile software solution, MonitorPro, has helped organisations save time, improve planning, quality control, site analysis and reporting to manage environmental obligations and sustainability. MonitorPro is the first EHS Software solution to receive an MCERTS accreditation from the Environmental Agency. In 2020, EHS Data announced their pledge to become a carbon negative organisation.

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