Why choose us?

More than a software provider! - Unlike many of our competitors, we originate from the field. We originally developed our software based on needs in the field and we continue to be experts in our domain; mining and metals, oil and gas, landfill, waste and water and overall sustainability. Our team delivers not only a world-leading software but also a collective experience of 50 years in the field.

Secure and auditable certified product

MonitorPro is the first and only MCERTS certified comprehensive Environmental Data Management System in the UK. The rigorous, quality standard set by the UK Environment Agency. 

Global reach

With over 18 years’ experience providing Environmental Data Management Systems, MonitorPro products are used at more than a thousand sites in 40 different countries worldwide from single site installations to large multi-site corporate applications. We have firmly established ourselves as a leader in the field.

Technical strength

Our technical strength is at the very heart of our business. Our team have been recruited from not only in IT but also from environmental and technical backgrounds. They all have a track record of using, administering and developing Environmental and Sustainability Data Management Software. Experienced in the specific field of data management, from waste management to contaminated land, mining, geology and general industrial site monitoring. This enables us to develop highly relevant solutions and quickly understand your needs. 


We develop systems which are highly configurable by the end users, giving you complete control. If however, you need custom development all of our expertise is in-house, with our entire development team based in the UK. 

Experience and reputation

We have worked with a number of different organizations from Mines, to Local Authorities to Energy Providers – large and small. Our knowledge throughout all industries is vast and our experience means we can offer you the best possible solution suited to your needs. 

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