MonitorPro Baselining Export

If you are a client where your system is hosted by EHS Data you may have seen that there is a MonitorPro Scheduled Task called Baselining within your database. This Task is being used by EHS Data to check some basic metrics about your database and how it is being used. This information does not include any actual client data. It is solely metrics associated with the size, shape, and use of the databases' underlying SQL Server tables and indexes (effectively roadmaps used to speed up the retrieval of data). Our aim is to collect, collate and then use the information to continually improve the performance of the system. For example, we may be able to remove certain indexes which are no longer used and with confidence that they are not needed. We can also much more selectively add them where needed to improve performance. We can also look to improve our performance testing to make sure the testing is relative to the size and shape of databases actually being used by clients.   

If anyone has any concerns or does not want to participate in the data collection process then don’t hesitate to let us know at This does not affect any clients where MonitorPro is self-hosted.


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