MonitorPro WaTERS export now available

Water Tracking and Electronic Reporting System (WaTERS) Submission

WaTERS is a mechanism by which a variety of industries in Queensland, Australia, can submit a range of monitoring data to the regulator. It takes the form of a multi-tab spreadsheet, in to which data is entered in to the ‘Results’ tab and authenticated. This authenticated data is then uploaded to the regulator via a secure web portal.

More information about WaTERS can be found here:


Submitting data from MonitorPro to WaTERS

Historically, MonitorPro users would need to make a significant number of changes to data exported from MonitorPro, as WaTERS requires specific naming conventions and codes. However, an export is now available that populates these naming conventions and codes as required. This export can be run manually from a Selection in MPDesktop, or can be generated automatically via a Scheduled Task. All that is then required, is to copy and paste the data in to the WaTERS spreadsheet, validate, and import.



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