Our history

EHS Data is a UK based company providing Environmental Data Management Solutions to a variety of organisations in over 40 countries worldwide. Trusted in over 1,000 sites, EHS Data’s software solution, MonitorPro, helps organisations manage their environmental obligations and sustainability whilst saving them time and money.

The unique versatility and configurability of MonitorPro allows organisations to monitor, analyse and report on any type of data in just one simple application, regardless of frequency, type, format or location. 

MonitorPro is the first and only MCERTS accredited complete Environmental Data Management System.

How it all started

EHS Data began in the mid-nineties as a team of Geo-environmental Consultants struggled to manage environmental data using spreadsheets and home-made software systems. Fuelled by the desire to simplify this process, the first software tool was developed in 1996 and MonitorPro was born.

The company grew rapidly and MonitorPro quickly became the tool of choice in the UK waste Management Industry. Since then we have been expanding our global reach and are trusted by over 100 organisations and implemented in 1000 sites. These range from single site operations to global organisations, in a number of industries throughout the world.

Today, EHS Data is a world leader in developing and implementing environmental data management systems to save time, improve planning, quality, analysis, awareness and reporting. 

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