MonitorPro brings management efficiency, and financial benefits to a company through ground breaking and innovative features, toppled by none in the industry.

These unique features put MonitorPro at the global forefront amongst environmental data management systems to date. With high functionality and flexibility, MonitorPro is suitable for everything from heavy resource industry to complex processing industry, the features page will show you how.

What can it do?

MonitorPro has the capability and flexibility to assist you across all your environmental or sustainability data needs, below are just a few things that MonitorPro does today. But don't be fooled this is only a small selection of what is possible.


Whether they be daily or monthly, with the ability to schedule your data monitoring you can rest assured that all data will collected on time and not be missed.


With a variety of different options to automate all kinds of tasks you can streamline your operations, allowing MonitorPro do the hard work for you.  


Never worry about breaching a limit ever again. Set up custom alerts so you know when to take action, allowing you to be proactive about any issues you could face.


Using customised graphs in MonitorPro allows you to view the data you need in a way thats easy to analyse.


Making a report has never been easier, with just the click of a button have your report created for you. Available to download in multiple different formats.

 Contour Plots

Layer your measurement data in contour plots to view movements and changes in for example groundwater levels.


Complex calculations solved in a matter of seconds, with no chance of human error.


Use our mapping functionality to locate and view your sampling points.


Creating tables made simple, just select the information you want to be included and it will be populated with the relevant information. No more searching through rows and rows of data to find everything you need.

 Field Data Entry

Entering data while out in the field has never been easier, we have made it possible for you to collect your data even if your mobile device has no internet connection. There is no need to worry as this data will automatically be uploaded to the database it belongs to.


Achieve goals and improve your business with customised KPIs.

 MCERTS Certified

MCERTS goes two steps further than other quality standards such as ISO9000 because it includes assessments of software coding standards and procedures, as well as an assessment of functionality and data integrity rules specific to managing environmental monitoring data.

Scalable solution

Our clients range from single site operations to multi-national organisations – all with their own unique environmental data challenges and requirements.

The MonitorPro platform is a scalable solution that ensures you get all the functionality you need, without having to invest in features you don’t.


An internationalised browser based web application with the ability to be translated into multiple languages.


MonitorPro can be used in remote locations, out in the field, without the need of a network connection. Data is automatically uploaded to MonitorPro once a valid internet or network connection is available.

Access MonitorPro whenever you need to using a browser based application which quickly allows you to share, view and interact with your data. As long as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy the freedom of accessing your data whenever you need to.

More features

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  • I wish to manage the full lifecycle of data, right through from scheduling to analysis and reporting.
  • I am looking for a robust system, configured to my own requirements that can manage all my environmental or sustainability data needs in one system.
  • I would like to be able to access through a server, the internet and collect data in the field. 
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