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At EHS Data, client satisfaction is key to our success. The following quotes belong to MonitorPro users from differing industries worldwide.  This underlines our commitment to provide total customer satisfaction.

Iluka Resources

"Congratulations guys! As an organisation with a great software and one of the best customer service I’ve come across worldwide. Keep up the great work Matt Silk, David Edwards, Nikki Bainbridge and the rest of the team at EHS Data."
Angelo Laurence

FCC Environment, UK

"We have recently switched to the EHS Data hosting platform which is far more superior to our previous internal hosting solution. Our team have already reported significant performance gains, especially in the operating speed."
Shaun Trigg

Evolution Mining ( Australia )

"Several of our former employees have stated that they really miss using MonitorPro as they realize how it made their life much easier. They wish that their new employer would make the investment!"
Garry Pearson

Wolf Minerals Ltd - UK Major Tungsten Mine

"Very pleased with the service received by EHS data.

Explanations provided, time given to understand our requirements and needs going forward all in a professional and friendly manner. Any issues encounter which could not be resolved at the time were noted and dealt with promptly. "
Jess Easterbrook

KCGM, Kalgoorlie, Australia

"I have dearly enjoyed using your programme (MonitorPro), having used many a monitoring database software, but nothing is as user friendly, custom fit to individual business needs, or provides the ongoing support and services as does EHS Data, a truly wonderful development, congratulations." 
Catherine Wharton

FCC Environment, UK

"We have been using MonitorPro for many years to manage our large quantities of environmental data & found it excellent for importing, storing & reporting to our many stakeholders. We have benefited from EHS's flexibility and willingness to continually develop the product to meet changing demands." 
Mark Cheetham

QER, Australia

"I actually found MonitorPro pretty user friendly for not only data entry, but also for setting up compliance checks, relevant selections and recalling data. I am now at the stage of developing standard reporting templates using Crystal Reports.

I am very happy with the technical support we have received to date from EHS Data. They are quick to respond to emails and providing training as required. I have not had a lot of experience working with other systems of this calibre, but I understand from discussing the system with those who have that it is widely used by industry in Australia for a number of reasons including it's compatibility with GIS - MapInfo.

We have recently hired two new environmental personnel and both have experience with MonitorPro which makes our job of bringing them up to speed easier. We have not applied this package to any other areas of our business, just environment, but we are satisfied with it functioning for our purpose." 
Rowan Hutson

Harmony Gold Operations Ltd, Mt Magnet Gold NL

"I've found that one of the best features is the compliance breach automated emails. There is something very reassuring in knowing that as soon as data makes it into MonitorPro (which can obviously been very rapid with auto importer) you will be notified of any issues without having to go through all the data looking for problems. The ability to set up alerts for anomalous/abnormal values also sounds great (though I am being slack and am yet to do that).

I'm finding that the calculation function saves lots of time! The main use for it on site here is interpolating water volumes in a pit from a monthly level pick up without having to trawl through excel spreadsheets and calculate the corresponding level to the nth degree. A great time saver. Perhaps this eg and the stream flow one from Morobe could help illustrate some of the calc functions? Happy to send over any info if it helps.

The spatial features are another big plus - love using the surfer graphs to see how our tailings seepage water quality varies each month. Picture speaks a thousand words! (perhaps 'love' is a little over-enthusiastic, but you get the idea!).

And I suppose the other massive advantage I'm finding is having the selection options all set up so generating repeat data for different time frames is a doddle.

Trickier aspect I suppose (for me at least) is using crystal to manipulate the reports - just not really familiar enough with the program yet.

Not that I speak for all mine sites, but I would say that the part of MonitorPro that we probably utilise the least is the ability to build in our monitoring schedule to receive automated alerts as to what sampling needs to be done that week/month and so on. I think it's generally the case that there is a fairly good handle on what the monitoring requirements are at most mine sites by the enviro team and so this function is perhaps a little redundant/more hassle to set up that it is worth." 
Sarah Watson

BHP Copper Inc. Arizona, USA

"THANK-YOU so much. This calculation made my life so much easier.

We have 50 or so ponds on site that we have to measure capacity remaining to ensure that we have sufficient volume available in the event of a 100 year event. (We had a 100 year event in February and were on the brink of a catastrophe). This is required by a consent decree issued by the US EPA.

We take staff readings once a month and enter them into the database. I created translation grids for each pond which turns the staff reading into a pond volume. Then for each pond I have to calculate the volume remaining and then compare that to the BMP level (the volume we are required to have available). Instead of creating constants and calculations for each pond, I created a compliance grid with the maximum volume for each pond and the BMP level for each pond. This way, I only had to create two calculations instead of 50. I ran the script you sent today and it worked perfectly.

The whole point of the story is that I could use a table similar to a compliance grid for many purposes."

BlueScope Steel, Port Kembla, Australia

"Thanks again - and please pass on my thanks to Rachel - the work she has done has saved us considerable time."

"Thanks for your efforts on developing MonitorPro to what we want. The guys here are absolutely convinced of its value - and looking forward to taking it to the next stage with the interface. A large part of this is the service and attention you have given us. I really appreciate this and thank you for it. In fact, I don't know if Will or Nat told you - they have been showing MonitorPro to other organisations." 
Mark Garrahy

Veolia, Landfill Group, UK

"We have used EHS data's software MonitorPro since the beginning of the year to collate all our environmental monitoring data. Prior to this we used an older version called Monitor-LT for over 5 years.

This data is collected from a number of operational and restored Landfill sites and is made up of both field readings and laboratory analysis. Much of it is collected to fulfil Environmental Permit requirements which are regulated by the Environment Agency (EA).

The transition from the old version to the new was relatively painless with EHS doing all of the data transfer. MonitorPro gives us far more flexibility as it is server based and can be access by several members of staff at any one time. The old version was based on one PC and therefore far less secure.

The database allows us to collate all the data in one place and for this data to be assessable to a number of key personnel in our Technical Support. The data is used to understand the performance of the landfills over time and is also key in monitoring the site's compliance against Permit conditions. The database allows us to assess all imported data against a vast number of control and trigger levels which are borehole/location-specific in many cases. These limits are set for a wide variety of situations including groundwater quality/surface water quality/air quality and soil gas concentrations. The permits require control and trigger levels being set to determine any deviation from 'normal' conditions and to assess against EAL/EQS.

As reports can be directly downloaded from the database, this means there is very little effort required to collate the routine data submissions to the appropriate authorities, including the EA. The graphing function can also aid greatly with understanding trends when assessing control/trigger level exceedences or writing Annual interpretative reports.

In addition to the basic set up we asked for an automatic import function to make data importation more efficient and the compliance grid function which aids with setting new control and trigger levels.

In my experience the database is a key tool and we have several personnel dedicated to managing it and updating it regularly. In the UK it is seen as the Industry-standard within the waste industry." 
Andrew Nash

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