Lindsay Danyluk, MSc in Environment and Management is our senior implementation consultant for Canada and North America. She will be attending the 2019 TRCR mine reclamation symposium to network with environmental professionals in mining. Lindsay has worked around the world and has been privy to some of the best EHS practices and software packages for both offshore oil and gas projects and open-pit mining.

Are you attending the 2019 TRCR Symposium at Kimberely, British Columbia?

TRCRTRCR 2019 is the 42nd annual mine reclamation symposium and is being held at the Kimberley Conference Centre, Kimberley, British Columbia. This prestigious mining event takes place over three days in September from the 16th – 19th.

Attendance at the symposium is a great opportunity to:

  • Gain an appreciation of materials, methods and different approaches used in mine reclamation.
  • Gain an appreciation of advancements in practices, techniques, and standards that apply to the understanding and prediction of mine-related impacts.
  • Learn about different types of work conducted during all phases of mine life and differences between the various mines types.
  • Meet practitioners and see examples of successful work.

Free registration will allow participation in courses, the Sullivan Mine Tour, sponsored social events and technical paper sessions.

Persons wishing to apply for free registration should send an e-mail indicating their name, affiliation and contact information with a brief description of their participation in the review of reclamation at a proposed, operating or closed mine to: Bill Price at

Participation in workshop and field tour is space permitting.


2019 TRCR

By Ken Eckert – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Agenda for 2019 British Columbia Annual Mine Reclamation Symposium

  • Monday, September 16: 1/2 Day Workshop + lunch 
  • Monday, September 16: Evening Welcome Reception
  • Tuesday, September 17: Full Day  – Sullivan Mine Tour
  • Wednesday, September 18: Day 1 Technical Sessions
  • Wednesday, September 18: Evening Reclamation Awards Banquet
  • Thursday, September 19: Day 2 Technical Sessions


Please check the TRCR website for periodic updates, program details, accommodation and registration information.

Wednesday & Thursday include Exhibitor Displays

About TRCR

Since 1977, the TRCR has annually sponsored the British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium to foster the exchange of information and ideas on reclamation. Proceedings, published concurrently with the symposia, are a valuable source for anyone interested in this field.

In addition to the annual symposium dealing with the entire spectrum of reclamation issues, the TRCR also sponsors symposia and studies focusing on single issues. For example, in 1985 the Committee sponsored a preliminary study of the practice of re-sloping waste dump faces, with support from the Canada-British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement.

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