Gold Mine Data Collection

Greenstone Gold Mine Implementation

The Greenstone Gold Mine is an open pit gold mine and processing facility located northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The project encompasses a number of former underground mines, operated between the 1930s and 1970s, and aims to mine the Hardrock deposit with a Life of Mine (LOM) expectancy of over 15 years.

Data Management Requirements

Monitoring data was initially managed and analysed by consultants but as the company’s operations developed it was clear they needed a place to not only store their data, but also to have a simple means to both access and interpret it so it could be easily shared with stakeholders, including regulators and nearby communities.

MonitorPro: The Solution

MonitorPro provided a way for the technicians at Greenstone Gold Mine to create monitoring schedules to plan and track their monitoring obligations, thus saving considerable time.

The use of MonitorPro Field meant technicians could download the required monitoring visits and enter the required data offline in the field and upload straight to the database. If several monitoring groups were out at once their progress could also be planned within MonitorPro Field, reducing data duplicates and increasing data collection efficiency.

Data Reporting

Using the tools within MonitorPro meant that data from many different sources were available in one place for analysis, trend investigation, and reporting, through the production of a variety of bespoke exports and report templates. Task reminders, another feature within MonitorPro, has provided Greenstone Gold with a means of tracking their reporting requirements.

MonitorPro Successfully Implemented

It’s hard to find a tool that streamlines all of these components like MonitorPro does. I would suggest that if you are interested in something like this, schedule a demo. That is what made us decide and go with MonitorPro

Environmental Coordinator, Greenstone Gold

Through the effective use of MonitorPro, Greenstone Gold mine have streamlined both their internal and external data collection processes, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual processes. As a result they are now in the position to manage all of their environmental data and provide all the required data to the relevant stakeholders.


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