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UK Waste Management Company Has Been Utilising MonitorPro Software Since 1996

Business Background

Established in 48 countries with over 163,000 employees worldwide, the Veolia group provides three main operations to millions of consumers – Water, Waste and Energy management. Veolia UK has been present in the United Kingdom since 1990 and is seen as the leading waste management organisation in the UK. Through its three complimentary business activities, Veolia is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of communities and industries throughout the UK.

Business Challenge

Back in 1996, Leigh Environmental who are now part of the Veolia group, operated a series of landfills in the North and West Midlands of the UK. With an obligation under licences to manage the environmental impact of these sites, the then environmental team where struggling with the increased volume of data via their spreadsheets. Monitoring and reporting the complex data including leachate and groundwater (a range of variables including depth, ammoniacal nitrogen, Cl, SO4, conductivity, pH, BOD, COD and a range of metals), gas (CO2, CH4, O2 and pressure) become more and more prevalent.

As mergers continued, the Veolia group rapidly expanded with added sites resulting in complex monitoring and reporting requirements, plus stringent compliance obligations across their multiple landfill sites and waste transfer stations. The need for an automated management system for environmental data monitoring across the 50+ sites across the UK was now at a crucial stage.

Business Solution

Back The MonitorPro environment software replaced spreadsheets in 1996 and provided a holistic system in which the team managed their data. The transition from the old methodology to the new automated system went smoothly as the EHS Data team implemented the new database whilst training the end users. MonitorPro provides the essential automation the team so desperately needed to allow the complex data monitoring and reporting to be centralised in a single source. After 20 years of use, MonitorPro is heavily used on a daily basis spanning 3 environmental teams across the UK. From general managers of landfill sites to environment technicians, they all have access to the same sets of data. Each individual environmental team is equipped with a database relating to their region and are consistent with the same reporting structure, dashboards and variables they need to stringently adhere to compliance regulations.

Veolia routinely update their monitoring system to the latest versions, taking advantage of the latest software innovations as technology and user requirements advance.

Key Business Benefits

Data Collation
Data is automatically collected from multiple Landfill sites made up of both field readings and laboratory analysis. It is collected to fulfil Environmental Permit requirements.
Centralised Compliance Obligations
The data is now centralised and easily accessible by key personnel and is used to understand the landfill site’s performance over time. The system is the key component in monitoring the site’s compliance against Permit conditions.
Automatic Importing & Validation
All imported data is assessed against a vast number of control and compliance levels which are borehole/location-specific in many cases. These limits are set for a wide variety of situations including groundwater quality/surface water quality/air quality and soil gas concentrations. The permits require control and compliance levels being set to determine any deviation from ‘normal’ conditions and to assess against EAL/EQS.
Reports are now directly downloaded from the database. Little effort is required to collate the routine data submissions to the appropriate authorities, including the Environmental Agency (EA).
Customised Graphs
The graphing function can also aid greatly with understanding trends when assessing control/trigger level exceedances or writing annual interpretative report.

As reports can be directly downloaded from the database, this means there is very little effort required to collate the routine data submissions to the appropriate authorities, including the EA. The graphing function can also aid greatly with understanding trends when assessing control/trigger level exceedances or writing reports."

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MonitorPro Description

A professional environmental and sustainability data management solution, particularly suited for industries related to natural resources. MonitorPro is globally tested and used in waste management, mining and metals, water and waste water industries. 

"Data is collected from a number of operational and restored Landfill sites and is made up of both field readings and laboratory analysis. Much of it is collected to fulfill Environmental Permit requirements which are regulated by the Environment Agency (EA).

Environmental C-ordinatorWaste Management Client

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About MonitorPro

The complete, professional environmental data monitoring solution, MonitorPro is the IT solution trusted by environmental teams worldwide to manage their environmental compliance and data collection. MonitorPro is a web-based or locally hosted solution for the collation of ALL sources of environmental data, where it is generated by loggers, laboratories, weather stations, calculations, or other data repositories. MonitorPro is the first EHS Software solution to receive an MCERTS accreditation from the Environmental Agency.

About EHS Data

EHS Data is a world leading UK based software company providing Environmental Data Management Solutions to over 1,000 sites in 40 countries worldwide. For over 20 years, our versatile software solution, MonitorPro, has helped organisations save time, improve planning, quality control, site analysis and reporting to manage environmental obligations and sustainability.

ISO 27001

EHS Data is ISO 27001 certified.

A Carbon Negative Business

In 2020, EHS Data attained Carbon negative status and is committed to maintaining this status each year.


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