Selecting the Right Monitoring Data Management System

Selecting the right environmental data management system for any organisation is an important undertaking.

The system will hold critical business intelligence and guide an organisation and its employees through ever-increasing amounts of complex data and aid with the demanding environmental regulations. The system will also provide vital operational information and will carry out hundreds or thousands of data transactions each day. An effective management system also saves on time and resources and assists in the prevention of compliance breaches and fines.

There are several environmental data management systems available on the market,  but how does an organisation evaluate which system is the right one? Here are the top five considerations when selecting an environmental data system.

Is it user-friendly?

If you’re using a data management system to monitor environmental or sustainability data, the system needs to make it easy for you to manage the data and ensure you remain compliant:

  • Does the system provide accurate reporting and analytics easily?
  • Can it provide clear, consistent, and validated reporting to regulators?
  • Can it effortlessly integrate with other software suites or databases?
  • Can it easily highlight compliance warnings?

Is it secure?

Data compliance is a risk for any business and shouldn’t be something that can be left to chance. You need to ensure that the platform you’re using to record data is being used efficiently and securely:

  • Do you have confidence in the way the data will be recorded and managed?
  • What would happen to your data if your premises suffered downtime?
  • Would you be able to access your data safely and securely from anywhere?

Is it scalable?

Every organisation and their environmental challenges are different so why should your data monitoring system be the same as everyone else’s? As your organisation grows, you also may need a system that grows along with you and can be altered to fit your needs. You need to ask:

  • Is the system highly configurable?
  • Is it scalable so that you can increase the scope when needed?
  • Does the system give you complete control?

Can it help you reduce risks?

The main reason for monitoring environmental or sustainable data is to ensure you remain compliant and to take the stress out of compliance management.

  • Can the system provide you with validated reporting to regulators and other stakeholders?
  • Can it alert you effectively in case there is a permit or standard breach?
  • Can it help you manage the requirements of obligations (permits and licences) and company policies?

Does it suit your budget and needs?

While it is clear that a free spreadsheet solution is not adequate for your operations, you need to consider if a bespoke system is financially viable and ensure it will not cost you dearly later on. You need to consider:

  • Does the system provide everything you need under one roof, with a corresponding price tag?
  • Does your IT policy require software as a service (SaaS) or do you have an IT structure in-house?
  • Are there hidden costs for expanding the system in the future?

Data management can be complicated…but monitoring doesn’t have to be. Trusted the world over, MonitorPro gives you all the EHS software tools to take the stress out of environmental data management and monitoring.

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About MonitorPro

The complete, professional environmental data monitoring solution, MonitorPro is the IT solution trusted by environmental teams worldwide to manage their environmental compliance and data collection. MonitorPro is a web-based or locally hosted solution for the collation of ALL sources of environmental data, where it is generated by loggers, laboratories, weather stations, calculations, or other data repositories. MonitorPro is the first EHS Software solution to receive an MCERTS accreditation from the Environmental Agency.

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EHS Data is a world leading UK based software company providing Environmental Data Management Solutions to over 1,000 sites in 40 countries worldwide. For over 20 years, our versatile software solution, MonitorPro, has helped organisations save time, improve planning, quality control, site analysis and reporting to manage environmental obligations and sustainability.

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